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New trailer for Lifetime’s A Deadly Adoption is absolutely genius

Lifetime’s A Deadly Adoption trailer has arrived, and shockingly enough, it’s no laughing matter.

Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig are living the dream in the full-length trailer for Lifetime’s A Deadly Adoption. Not only are they playing a wealthy couple expanding their family onscreen, they are two huge (Emmy, Golden Globe and Oscar nominee huge) actors who are clearly having a blast in their pet project. After all, who hasn’t wanted to be in a Lifetime movie?

The surprising part of the trailer is just how straight Wiig and Ferrell are playing in A Deadly Adoption. Anyone expecting a farce from these two comedic geniuses is going to be surprised. The movie looks creepy and over the top in true Lifetime fashion, but Wiig and Ferrell are not aiming for laughs here — they are dead serious. Ferrell is every inch the doting husband and father watching his family unravel due to too many longing looks at the couple’s baby mama. It’s Wiig who really sells her character, though. She is perfect as the wife trying to protect her family and home. Both actors are so good here, I would say they missed their calling if they weren’t so amazing at everything they do.

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As for A Deadly Adoption itself, it is a Lifetime movie through and through. Ferrell and Wiig’s husband-and-wife team seek to expand their family by adopting a baby. They move the birth mother in until her due date and things go sour quickly. The trailer is designed to make you never want to let a gorgeous pregnant woman into your home lest she turn out to be a psycho (hey, a Lifetime movie is not a Lifetime movie unless it’s giving you irrational fears). “Robert doesn’t love you, he loves me. He told me so,” Jessica Lowndes’ pregnant life-stealer practically coos.

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Everything about A Deadly Adoption looks weirdly sincere and kind of perfect. Lifetime even suggests it’s “inspired by a true story.” This strange gift from the TV gods lands Saturday, June 20 at 8/7c. Stock up on popcorn now because A Deadly Adoption is definitely this summer’s can’t-miss event.

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