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Aisha Tyler makes touching speech about trans rights (VIDEO)

Aisha Tyler was honored at the Lambda Legal West Coast Liberty Awards Friday, and once you hear her speech, you will easily understand why.

The Talk cohost was presented with the Celebrity in the Spotlight Liberty Award at the fundraiser for Lambda Legal, a group that helps lead the way in the fight to protect and expand LGBT rights. Tyler has been a vocal supporter of LGBT equality, including the #IDO campaign on social media.

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“I am here because I believe in love, in all its magical and transformative forms,” Tyler said in her acceptance speech. “I believe in freedom. The freedom to be the architect of our own destinies. The uniquely American principle that we all deserve to pursue happiness, in our own specific and personal way. I believe in bravery. The bravery to live one’s truth, no matter how terrifying, no matter how vilified. The bravery to choose how we will define ourselves and to never let others do it for us. I believe in strength — the strength to fight for what is right, for oneself and for others, even when one doesn’t feel particularly strong or particularly brave. I believe in the slow, unstoppable, inevitable march to freedom. The march we are all making, together, hand in hand, climbing upon the backs of so many others who have come before, who have fought and screamed and cried and died, so that we can all be here tonight on the precipice of an extraordinary moment in our history — a moment when people around the world are still fighting and voting and crying and dying to make sure that all human beings live with dignity, respect and the most basic of human rights, liberty.

“We have all fought so that people of color and women and interracial couples and gays and so many others can live a life free from enslavement, coercion, restriction or judgment,” she continued. “A life filled with freedom, filled with choice, filled with possibility, filled with love. I believe in love. I believe it is worth fighting for. This is what I am fighting for. This is what we are all fighting for. Thank you, Lambda, for this honor, but respectfully, it’s not for me. It’s for every one of us. Never stop believing. Never stop working. Never stop fighting. Thank you.”

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Also honored were the TV series Transparent and LGBT advocate Laurie Hasencamp.

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