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Bethenny Frankel blames Andy Cohen for her failed marriage — but why?

The Bethenny Frankel divorce drama continues, with new comments from the reality star about her failed marriage to Jason Hoppy.

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According to People, the Real Housewives of New York star told fans last week that she didn’t follow her personal mantra of “going with her gut” when she married Hoppy in 2010.

“I think my instinct and gut going into my marriage [knew] it would turn out the way it did,” Frankel explained at the NYU Alumni Association’s Speakers on the Square event. “I could feel it, but I intellectualized it. People are always talking about, ‘Do I go with my head or my heart?’ Go with your gut.”

Frankel said that her friends, including and especially Andy Cohen, also influenced her decision to get married.

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“Later on, your mom likes them, your friends are all getting married, your head gets involved, you love having sex with a person, that’s your heart [or something else] getting involved,” she continued. “It’s all Andy Cohen’s fault, he will admit it. And yes, that’s the point. That’s why I wrote the book I Suck at Relationships So You Don’t Have To — because I wasn’t making a decision out of truth, I was making a decision out of fear.”

Frankel and her ex have been battling it out in court now for the past two years. The main point of contention seems to be their jointly owned NYC apartment, which Hoppy currently occupies despite the fact Frankel pays for most of the home expenses, including the mortgage, utilities and a monthly housekeeping expense.

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Frankel is the founder of Skinnygirl and has written several books, among other career accomplishments, which makes her the breadwinner in the relationship. Hoppy is a drug salesman who makes a measly $100,000 a year.

The two have one daughter together.

Do you think Frankel’s relationship advice is sound?

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