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#RichKids’ Dorothy Wang weighs in on the Roxy, Morgan feud

Wow, this was an action-packed episode, huh?! Let’s get right to it!

After I had heard about the engagement, I was so excited for Morgan and wanted to plan some sort of celebration in her honor. I love planning and organizing things! I thought a tea with her best girlfriends was the perfect fit. Eve By Eve’s is a new boutique that had recently opened on Camden Drive in Beverly Hills, and since it’s owned by a close family friend, I convinced them to let us use it for the day. #perksofbeingdorothywang (hehe!)

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Fun fact about EJ: He is always on the prowl, honey, which, is a good influence on me because I honestly am not. After going through our options, or lack thereof, EJ and my oversized blue sweater decided to try speed dating. I have to say — it was one of the funniest and most embarrassing nights of our lives and the pickings were slim. I can usually tell in the first 30 seconds if I’m going to like someone, so the remaining three minutes and 30 seconds were somewhat unnecessary. I definitely didn’t want to make anyone feel bad, so I got my Chatty Cathy on and talked about anything that came to mind to pass the time. Thank God, I was blessed with the gift of gab!

KC is a boy that EJ and I met during one of our nights out at 1OAK. As I said in the show, we both love a racially ambiguous boy in a snapback, and KC was giving us a little Wentworth Miller in Prison Break realness. I decided the safest way to get to know him better was to invite him to speed dating! Lots of other people around, quick, and painless way to size up the situation. No offense, but who really has time for a full-on dinner date as a first audition? Way too much one-on-one time and eye contact. Nothing sounds worse to me. So out of all the speed daters, KC was the only one who passed with flying colors, and on next week’s episode, you will see us go on an actual date.

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So, obviously, the most critical part of this episode that I’ve been tiptoeing around is Morgan and Roxy’s fight. They have been friends for so long, and it is really sad that this is happening. I know they both want to keep it between them and not make it whole “Team Morgan” vs. “Team Roxy” situation within our friends and I want to respect that. Do I have opinions? Of course, I do, but I really don’t feel like it’s my place right now to say them. What I will say, though, is I really never thought things would get this bad, for this long, between any of us, let alone the two of them! This is something that is affecting them both very seriously. I have no idea what will happen to their relationship. I guess only time will tell.

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At the end of the day though, no matter what’s going on within the group, we always have each other’s backs to anyone outside of the circle. It doesn’t matter what issues we have with each other. If someone “comes for” (as EJ would say) one of us, we all pounce. Even during Morgan and Roxy’s issues, when the second Bobby said something, (again, still confused why he’s there) Morgan immediately stood up for her. It was instinctual and very telling of our friendships. I’m not going to lie — this is a tough time for our group right now, but no matter what, we are like a family… a loud, crazy, dysfunctional, frustrating one, but a family nonetheless.

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