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Channing Tatum spent his weekend supporting the LGBTQ community (PHOTOS)

Magic Mike fans got a preview of what’s to come at Sunday’s Los Angeles LGBT Pride parade.

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A Magic Mike-themed float, flanked by police officers on motorcycles, featured shirtless hot men dancing for the crowds — and, to the surprise and delight of parade-goers, Channing Tatum and other stars of the upcoming film Magic Mike XXL.

Unfortunately, the actors stayed fully clothed. But they did bust out their best moves to Ginuwine’s “Pony,” hand out gifts to people in the crowd and pause to take selfies with fans.

E! News reports that Magic Mike co-star Matt Bomer left the float at one point to walk alongside it, handing out shirts and hats to fans.

The float was covered in posters for the upcoming film, and just before Tatum and his co-stars made their surprise appearance, they were announced by another performer on the float.

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“Everybody’s panties drop, ’cause it’s mothaf***in’ Magic Mike!” the dancer reportedly told the crowd.

Reactions on Twitter were pretty much what you’d expect from fans who got to see the surprise show.

We love that Channing Tatum is not only surprising his fans, he’s doing it at an event that promotes equality. We were already excited for the new movie, but now we seriously can’t wait.

Magic Mike XXL is set to hit theaters July 1. Until then, enjoy these fan videos of Channing Tatum throwing down at LA Pride.

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What do you think of the Magic Mike cast’s surprise appearance at the LA Pride parade? Does this make you even more of a Channing Tatum fan than you were before? Are you planning to see Magic Mike XXL? Head down to the comments and share your thoughts.

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