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Brody Jenner gets way too TMI about his sexcapades and it’s gross

The inappropriateness of Brody Jenner continues with a way too candid interview about his sex life.

We get that he’s hosting a show called Sex with Brody, but does he really have to be so candid?

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The reality star’s recent interview with GQ has us cringing almost as much as that shockingly X-rated Instagram picture he posted a few days ago.

“The first time I ever went down on a girl, I was fairy young — like 14, 15. It smelled terrible. I’m not gonna lie. It was honestly the most traumatic experience for me. After that, basically I said that I’m never gonna do that ever again in my life,” Jenner revealed. “I was just like, ‘Oh my God, that’s what it’s like? Jesus. I’m never going this again — ugh!’ Like, I was completely disgusted.”

And so are we. Both at the graphic nature of the story and for that poor girl who’s probably out there reading this and horrified.

As if that wasn’t enough, Jenner shares even more.

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“And then later on in life, I tried it again and was like, ‘Oh, this is totally different than the first time.’ So I think maybe the first misconception was that it smelled like that on every girl. That’s definitely not the case.”

Jenner doesn’t even stop there. He goes on to describe how his sex life currently is with his girlfriend Katilyn Carter. Long story short: it’s great because she’s into threesomes.

Jenner explained the best sex he’s had in his life is “with my girlfriend, Kaitlynn. We have the best sex together, but we also switch it up and do fun things as well. We’re not opposed to having somebody else join in on our sexcapades.”

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“It’s funny,” he added, “because a lot of people are always nervous to bring up that subject: ‘Hey, what about having a threesome?’ I truly believe that a lot more people are a lot more receptive than you think. And when the conversation was brought up, Kaitlynn said, ‘I actually don’t mind that at all.’ So I was extremely excited about that.”

We hope his girlfriend is just as excited that he shared this information with the public, otherwise Jenner might not be getting any nookie anytime soon.

And while we’re all for consenting adults doing whatever makes them happy in the bedroom, we don’t need to hear about it for the sake of being gratuitous.

Sex With Brody premieres July 10 at 10:30/9:30c on E!.

Would you trust sex advice from Brody Jenner?

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