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Kendra Wilkinson’s cheating scandal nightmare is getting worse (VIDEO)

Just when you thought Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett might just make it after all, someone has to go and leak a tape of him with his alleged mistress.

Kendra and Hank were on the outs last year when it emerged that he may have had a fling with a transgender woman, causing the former Girls Next Door star to flush her massive wedding rings down the toilet.

With the help of counseling — and from what it sounds like in this video, Hank convincing her he didn’t actually cheat — the couple reconciled, but new information could finally ruin their marriage once and for all.

In a clip from Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars obtained by E! News, Kendra has caught wind that there’s an audiotape of Hank talking to his alleged mistress, transgender model Ava Sabrina London, and she is not happy.

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“You guys better clear this shit right now,” she screams at Hank while he is on the phone with his lawyer. “It was a five-minute recording, Hank. Five minutes. If I for once believed you did this, it’s over!

“Asking if the roommate took a photo of what you guys have done? F*** you. F*** you,” and later she adds, “You sick, twisted-ass f***.

“I cannot listen to that recording to save my life. You think I’m strong enough to listen to that recording? Like, what the hell was said in that recording, Hank?” she ranted.

“I can’t face it. I can’t face this recording. I’m not strong enough to face this recording, because if I for once think he cheated on me… You have today to prove you didn’t cheat on me,” she tells Hank. “You have today!”

Ouch. Sounds like Hank is in for it. See what happens next when the new episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, “Sex, Lies, and Audiotape,” airs Friday, June 12, at 9/8c on weTV.

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