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8 Reasons Rock the Kasbah will be monumental (VIDEO)

Searching for a recipe for the perfect fall movie? We’ve got you covered.

Mix one part Almost Famous with two parts Lost in Translation, add a dash of Die Hard, a pinch of Eastbound and Down, a hint of American Idol and throw in some awkward hipster-ness to taste. Bake for about two hours and voilà! You have Rock the Kasbah.

Bill Murray stars in the film, set to release in October 2015, and from the looks of the trailer, there’s a whole lot of awesome going on.

With a cast like that, how can you go wrong? Here are all the reasons why we think Rock the Kasbah will, well, rock.

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1. Bill freakin’ Murray

Bill Murray

Image: Giphy

Let’s be real here: Bill Murray is a delight and a national treasure. We can already tell that Rock the Kasbah will have a ton of Murray’s classic well-timed one-liners, like, “I’m sorry, I can’t tell if you’re vomiting or laughing.”

Any time Murray gets screen time it’s magic, no matter how short. Case in point: his relatively small cameo in Zombieland. So when he anchors a film, it’s a treat.

It also seems the unlikely pairing of Murray and Zooey Deschanel could really work out well for the film. His wry, sarcastic demeanor might smooth out the quirky/adorkable whininess that Deschanel is known for. That’s not to say Murray’s not quirky, too. He’s quirky, she’s quirky… it’s really no wonder she ditched him early on.

2. Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis

Image: Giphy

Bruce = badass. Period. Willis’ masculinity mixed with his stone-faced dry humor is the perfect foil to Murray’s energy. While we’re not entirely sure what Willis’ part is in the plot yet, we do know that he’s exactly the kind of guy you would want on your side if you’re stranded in a foreign land.

Murray and Willis also shared scenes in 2012’s Moonrise Kingdom, so we know already know the combo works.

3. Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson

Image: Giphy

Nepotism be damned, Hudson has proven that she’s a stand-on-her-own talent. She’s got a charming cuteness about her and is genuine when she nails complicated characters, like her breakout turn as Penny Lane in Almost Famous.

It appears in the trailer that Hudson’s character is a romantic interest to Murray’s. While normally the age gap between the two actors would render the pairing ageist/sexist, we have the feeling that Hudson’s role is one of her signature free-spirited characters and the May-December romance will be addressed in the film, which kind of adds to the pathology.

4. Danny McBride

Danny McBride

Image: Giphy

Some might find him offensive, but come on, McBride is hilarious and his Kenny Powers in Eastbound and Down is wretched, yet somehow McBride still manages to make the character endearing. It’s a magical power McBride has exhibited countless times, like in This Is the End and Pineapple Express.

We can only imagine that he brings that ability to Rock the Kasbah.

5. Scott Caan

Scott Caan

Image: Giphy

Caan has a cocky energy that somehow lights up the scenes he’s in. Like McBride, he’s able to be a total jerk, yet we don’t want to kick him off the screen.

6. It’s set in the Middle East

Sure, there have been a lot of movies set in the Middle East, but not many of them have been comedies. It will be refreshing to watch a film set in Afghanistan that shows a different side of the area, as opposed to solely war. Murray’s culture clashes that are playing out in the trailer are hilarious, and we’re excited to see how it plays out in the full-length feature

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7. The soundtrack is bound to be great

In a less than two-minute trailer, we’ve already been exposed to Deep Purple, David Bowie and Nilsson. Not a bad precedent to set.

8. As is the screenplay

The script was written by Mitch Glazer, who wrote the screenplay for Scrooged, which also starred Murray, and The Recruit. Glazer also created the tragically short-lived Starz show Magic City. Looking good for a great plot for Rock the Kasbah.

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