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Mariah Carey is taking on a new persona in the name of nerds

Mariah Carey’s killer curves will be filling out Athena’s battle armor when she takes over the Game of War mantle from Kate Upton.

Carey reportedly just inked a seven-figure deal to rep the game, including a commercial that will also use her music, and promotional photo shoots.

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The songstress will take over from model Upton, who made her gamer debut in the app’s Super Bowl commercials and even appeared in the game itself. It is unclear if the app will totally replace Upton’s Athena character with Carey.

The advertising budget for the game was a reported $40 million when Upton was a part of it, but it is unclear how much of that she took home. Carey is sure to command a bigger paycheck, especially if her music is being licensed. What is very apparent is that Upton is missing out on a massive paycheck by not having her contract renewed.

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