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Bristol Palin harshly calls out Miley Cyrus for preaching tolerance

Bristol Palin and Miley Cyrus are on either ends of two very opposing viewpoints and Palin is making sure everyone knows it.

Be prepared for some serious head-spinning hypocrisy.

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The daughter of former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin wrote a Patheos blog post to speak out against Cyrus’ new Paper Mag interview, in which the pop star posed nude for the magazine and preached for LGBT tolerance while also criticizing conservative lawmakers. Palin titled the post “Miley Cyrus Claims She’s, ‘Least Judgmental Person Ever,’ Calls Christians ‘Insane Motherf***ers.'”

Palin slammed Cyrus for preaching acceptance while she also criticized “fundamentalist lawmakers” and referred to her own parents as “conservative-ass motherf***ers.”

“Is it just me or does it seem more than a little fake that someone claiming to be accepting of everyone and everything would spew such judgment towards her own parents and their deeply held religious beliefs?” Palin wrote.

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Now, I may not be the biggest Cyrus fan in the world, but Palin is completely twisting Cyrus’ words here. She definitely did not refer to Christians as “insane motherf***ers,” nor was the comment meant as an insult in any way. Paper Mag notes the clear love Cyrus holds for her parents and she meant the comment as pure affection in that Cyrus-esque way of hers.

And while no one expects Cyrus and Palin to meet in the middle on almost any issue concerning politics, Palin’s negative post only serves to prove Cyrus’ point. Palin says Cyrus’ example of Hollywood tolerance looks like “contempt” for those with strongly held religious beliefs. But it just shows Palin’s refusal to look at herself with the same criticism she inflicts upon Cyrus. Palin, herself, could be called a huge hypocrite, especially when you look at her family’s recent behavior. Plus, for someone who calls herself a Christian, she’s extremely quick to judge Cyrus’ quotes as ill-intentioned rather than as a desire to see lawmakers who are more accepting of all different types of people.

Which, clearly, Palin is not.

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So Palin’s post only serves to prove Cyrus’ point about fundamentalist beliefs.

Who do you think made the better points: Miley Cyrus or Bristol Palin?

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