Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen seal their bromance with a kiss (PHOTO)

Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen were definitely happy to see one another at the Mr. Holmes premiere on Wednesday.

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According to Us magazine, when Stewart saw his good friend McKellen, he grinned and greeted the other actor with a big kiss and a tight embrace.

Now that’s a bromance to win all bromances!

The two actors are longtime friends. They have starred in the X-Men franchise multiple times together, with Stewart taking on the role of Professor X and McKellen playing Magneto.

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Aside from working together, their friendship extends far off the screen, as well. McKellen officiated Stewart’s 2013 wedding to Sunny Ozell and Stewart regularly shares cute Instagram photos of himself with McKellen.

In a 2014 interview with the Huffington Post, McKellen described the friendship, saying, “We fell into each other’s arms because of our similarities in our career and because of our age and because we like the same sort of things — despite the fact that he’s from Yorkshire and I’m from Lancashire! That’s the big difference between us. If Patrick does something other people think is a bit strange, I just say he’s Yorkshire!”

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Stewart echoed his friend’s sentiments, “There are so many parallels in our careers and our lives. We’re both Northerners; he’s a Lancastrian and I’m a Yorkist, and he went to a great university but I left school when I was 15. But he was successful and became a star immediately. I saw him and I was amazed, overwhelmed by the quality of his work. I started our relationship as a fan. He wouldn’t know who I was back then. Then we came into the RSC [Royal Shakespeare Company] together… Bryan Singer cast us in the first X-Men movie and we had adjoining luxury trailers. Of course, it was movie making so we spent more time sitting in our trailers than on the set. We got to know one another and that’s when the bond began.”

Do you think Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen have the most iconic bromance of all time?


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