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11 Signs the Little People, Big World couple would divorce

Though the news only broke recently that Matt and Amy Roloff of Little People, Big World had filed for divorce, there have been many signs that the couple was heading towards a split.

1. Different goals

If you’ve ever watched even one episode of their TLC series, then you know that both Matt and Amy have very different goals. We’re not talking huge, big life goals, either; we’re talking about just daily ones. Most days, Amy wanted to do regular activities like cooking and taking care of the kids, while Matt was constantly working on changing and making additions to their farm.

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2. New directions

Their daily lives were different and so, it seemed, were their future goals. Amy had begun branching out away from the farm and trying her hand at catering and speaking engagements. Matt never seemed happy that Amy wanted to step away from the farm, despite the fact that she never expressed an interest in building it into the mega-business he had in mind.

3. So much fighting

I was once a fan of Little People, Big World, but the rockier the Roloffs’ marriage got, the harder the show was to watch. Seeing a couple’s 27-year relationship fall apart in front of my eyes was anything but fun and their constant fighting and bickering was a sure sign that things weren’t going to end well for them.

4. Even the kids didn’t care anymore

You know things are bad when even the kids don’t care that their parents are fighting anymore. I remember watching one of the special episodes that aired last year and being shocked at how the kids didn’t even bat an eye when their parents viciously went after each other. It was almost as if the kids were kind of hoping their parents would go ahead and call it quits so that all of them would have some peace.

5. They already announced their separation

This was the most damning evidence of all. Back in March of 2014, the couple announced that they were going to try a trial separation after some particularly tense moments over the previous Thanksgiving holiday. They said they were hoping the separation would help them, but it turned out to be yet another stepping stone on their way to divorce.

6. Separate houses, separate lives

Living in separate homes isn’t a great sign that a marriage is being repaired, and that’s precisely what the couple has been doing since announcing the trial separation last year. A couple living apart is likely to learn that they can get along without each other and one has to wonder if it made their ultimate decision to split up an easier one.

7. They denied it years ago

When it comes to celebrities, denial can sometimes be a sure sign that something is definitely going to happen. Years ago, Jon and Kate Gosselin swore they weren’t divorcing despite all of their fights. They even went through a vow renewal in Hawaii, but eventually they announced they were divorcing. Rumors first began swirling back in 2010 that things were going badly for the Roloffs and eventually those rumors were proved true.

8. Family woes

Stress isn’t helpful for a rocky marriage and the Roloffs have had plenty. There was Matt’s DUI arrest, the cancellation of their show, the horrifying trebuchet accident that nearly killed their youngest son and even a rumor that Matt had died of a massive heart attack. Mixed with everything else happening in their lives, that stress could have been yet another factor in their divorce.

9. Most of their kids are grown

It’s sad to say it, but taking care of the kids may have been one of things keeping them together. With three of their children out of the house and the youngest a teen who probably has a lot of his own activities going on, Matt and Amy probably don’t have as much to keep them together.

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10. They never really learned to live together

On their TLC show, Matt said that he “never felt at home” in his own home and it was a fact that was clear to see on the series. Matt’s ideas for the farm and Amy’s ideas for their home never quite meshed, which must have made them both feel like strangers in their home.

11. The show was over

If there was even one small part of the couple that was trying to stay together because they had a TV show, all of that changed when it was canceled. Sure, they’ve had some special episodes here and there, but it wasn’t like they had any set schedule to fall back on. It was yet one more sign that the couple’s marriage was heading towards its end.

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