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Brody Jenner posts explicit, inappropriate pic rumored to be of Kylie

Brody Jenner’s recent Instagram post has not left us in fits of laughter. In fact, we’re pretty grossed out by it.

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Taking to Instagram on Thursday, Jenner reportedly posted an X-rated illustration of a tiger licking the lady parts of a young female with long dark hair, TMZ reports. The post, which has since been deleted, no doubt caused a ripple of shock among fans because it appeared as though Jenner was making a joke about his 17-year-old sister Kylie and her rumored boyfriend, Tyga.

The caption on the illustration read “licking 4 my keys” and Jenner’s Instagram caption had an emoji of a finger pointing upwards and another pointing downwards. Clearly Brody thought this was funny, but one person who didn’t was his girlfriend, Kaitlynn Carter.

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Carter revealed to TMZ that she told her beau the X-rated art (which, according to the gossip site, was created by Isabel Samaras) wasn’t funny, so he deleted the post. But was he making a highly inappropriate joke about his little sister?

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Apparently not. According to Carter, it was an “innocent coincidence.”

We’re not sure how many people believe that, but apparently the story behind the image goes like this: Jenner has a friend who owns a T-shirt company and they were “looking for internet memes to use on gear.” Apparently, Jenner and his friend stumbled across this illustration and then his friend came up with the caption “licking 4 my keys,” which they both thought was hilarious.

Guess that joke fell flat, right?

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