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Bachelorette teaser: The men’s claws are about to come out (VIDEO)

The fallout from The Bachelorette‘s delicious cliffhanger is revealed in a new promo.

Is it too soon to proclaim Kaitlyn Bristowe the coolest Bachelorette of all time? In E!‘s juicy promo for Monday’s episode, the fallout from Kaitlyn’s decision to allow former Bachelorette runner-up Nick Viall into the house is teased in spectacular fashion.

The other guys are losing their minds, and it is all kinds of hilarious. Not only are they suspicious of Viall, they are all pretty much guaranteeing Kaitlyn won’t be putting a ring on it, thanks to their ultra-jealous behavior.

One of the guys calls Kaitlyn “shallow,” and another implies he, in no way, trusts her decision-making capabilities. Exit stage left, not-so-gentlemen. For Kaitlyn’s part, she tells one of the guys they are going to make her cry, but she does not look like she’s close to tears. If anything, she looks a little bemused by all the outrage.

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As for Viall, the guys are quick to point out they are not happy he’s there. They can’t deal with outside competition, especially given the pre-existing connection Kaitlyn and Viall established via social media. One contestant, Tanner, wonders if Viall is chasing Kaitlyn or fame. Might there be a brawl in our future? I am hoping for a brawl.

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After this season is over, Kaitlyn should call up the Game of Thrones producers because she plays the game so smooth that she would be sitting on the Iron Throne in record time. Make sure to tune in to The Bachelorette on Monday at 8/7c on ABC to see the sure-to-be-explosive episode for yourself.

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