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Miley Cyrus hints she may be collaborating with Caitlyn Jenner (PHOTO)

Miley Cyrus apparently bought a stack of Vanity Fair‘s latest edition.

You know the one. With the fabulous and beautiful Caitlyn Jenner on the cover. And she has been showing off her own artistic interpretation of them all over her Instagram account.

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Recently, it looks like glitter glue has been never far from the singer’s hands, donning both photos and people in her recent posts. But the best example of her newest obsession is most definitely her reimagining of Caitlyn Jenner’s likeness.
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Glitter, glitter glue, stars and flowers covered the newly revealed Jenner. And her works of art are garnering both praise and confusion from her fans. They either really love it (and want to know when they can buy these works of art) or folks just don’t get it.

Fans’ confusion was only bolstered by the fact that just a few days ago, Cyrus posted a cryptic message alluding to a Jenner-Cyrus collaboration.
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Is Miley just being Miley? Or is there really a Caitlyn Jenner, Dirty Hippie collab in the works? And what does that even mean!? For Jenner’s sake, let’s just hope she backs away from the glitter glue before they do any work together!

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