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Chris Hemsworth gets brilliantly cast in what’s usually a typical “woman role

We’ve been inundated with rebooted of movies and TV shows lately.

Most seem to be just the same story reimagined in modern times, which doesn’t make them any less awesome. But it also doesn’t really take too much creativity, either. Don’t get my wrong. I love Girl Meets World and can’t wait to watch Fuller House, but when a reboot of Ghostbusters was announced, and we found out it was going to be an all-female cast, I got seriously excited.

Since we have our four supernatural-fighting front women, we have been waiting to hear who would play the quirky receptionist formerly played by Annie Potts and questioned if this role would be a gender reversal, too.

Well, we finally have our answer, and it is a resounding “yes!”

Paul Feig tweeted out, “Our receptionist. #whoyougonnacall” with a photo of the hunky blue-eyed Aussie.

Hemsworth, who is known for his ultra testosterone-filled roles like Thor will join the cast of Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones.

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The role was, according to Variety, too small for the blockbuster star originally, but was since retooled to be a more major part and Hemsworth agreed to take it on.

It will be interesting not only to see how things have been worked around the all-female cast, but also to see how these minor roles, such as the receptionist (traditionally a woman’s part), were fit to be played by a man. This movie just keeps looking more and more interesting. Can’t wait for the summer of 2016, when the new Ghostbusters is set to be released.

The Twitter response has been fast and furious. In a good way. People are too in love with this casting for so many reasons. But, overall, most people just think it’s “genius,” and I agree.

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