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QUIZ: Which John Green book should you read next?

With The Fault in Our Stars becoming such a huge success both in print and on-screen, it’s safe to say that John Green is having a pretty stellar couple of years. The author is a favorite for YA lovers everywhere, and his popularity is only growing. If you haven’t jumped on the Green bandwagon yet and are trying to figure out where to start, don’t worry — we’re here to help.

I can say without hesitation that all of Green’s books are worth a read. From Looking for Alaska to TFIOS, each of his novels is compelling and heartwarming in its own way. In fact, three more of his books — Looking for Alaska, Let It Snow and Paper Towns — are also getting their own film adaptations, with the latter set to hit theaters this summer.

So how exactly should you go about picking which of his works to dive into first (or next)? Take the quiz below to find your perfect John Green read.

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