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Scott Disick’s drunken behavior nearly causes a riot in Canada

Scott Disick was reportedly too drunk to even party anymore at a meet and greet over the weekend, and fans are incredibly ticked.

The reality star, who just popped in and out of a Costa Rican rehab a couple of months ago, was booked for a personal appearance at Time Supper Club in Quebec — but he showed up well past midnight, much worse for the wear.

“He was late. He stayed for about an hour,” Thierry Havitov, the club’s marketing director, told the Daily Mail. “He was in party mode.”

The event, which also included Joe Jonas and Gigi Hadid, was meant to raise funds for the ONEXONE $1 Feed a Child Campaign — but when Disick belligerently refused to greet fans, the club was forced to refund their tickets to the tune of $250 each.

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A source told In Touch magazine, “Scott was belligerent and refused to do the meet and greet, which meant organizers had to give all the money back.

“It was a complete disaster.”

Havitov confirmed the mess, saying that Disick was frustrated that there was not a secure area for the meet and greet.

“They got to see Scott but they didn’t get to meet him,” he said. “Scott moved around a little bit. We took him to the DJ booth and then upstairs. Because it was late it was so packed we didn’t have a clean area.”

Then a fight broke out between two girls, the cops raided the joint and Disick was escorted out.

“When the police raided the venue we decided to take him out because we didn’t know what the police were going to do,” Havitov explained. “We apologized for there not being a meet and greet and said online we would reimburse people. There’s a lot of crying and a lot drama.”

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But it’s all good. As Havitov explained, “We didn’t hire Scott Disick to give a speech. We hired him to come and have fun with us.”

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