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Fashion Police finds unexpected replacement for Joan Rivers

Since the tragic and unexpected death of Joan Rivers last September, Fashion Police has had a difficult time filling the captain’s chair on set.

Well, at long last, it looks like E! executives have finally decided to go with the only person in the world who thinks she can do the job like Rivers herself: Melissa Rivers, Joan’s daughter.

The trouble has been the various scandals swirling around the cast, from the off-color comments of Giuliana Rancic and the fallout with Kelly Osbourne that followed, to the quick exit of the first replacement, Kathy Griffin, and Melissa Rivers’ vocal protest about Griffin’s manner of exit. It has not been an easy journey.

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Melissa Rivers has always been very open and vocal about who and how her late mother’s replacement fills her shoes, so it looks like now, she might have decided she’ll just do it herself.

Sources told the New York Daily News, “Melissa’s going on. She is so happy, she is excited. The idea actually came from her. The bosses like it. It’ll be a tribute to her mom, and Melissa’s the one who understands how it’s done. She can pull it off.”

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But there will be a new twist to the show. Since losing the other cast members, the network had to do something. The younger Rivers will take over as panel moderator, but she will be joined by a rotating crew of celebrities from LA and New York.

The source said, “They will rotate celebs every episode. They are talking to Wendy Williams and they really want her. Melissa loves her and Wendy is very interested.”

Fashion Police begins taping again at the end of August, and we also hear it will have an updated set.

It will be interesting to see the show reimagined this way as well as bittersweet to see Melissa reprising her mother’s much-loved role.

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