18 Times the Orange Is the New Black cast gave us best friend goals

Jun 11, 2015 at 9:00 a.m. ET
Image: Netflix

Within the walls of Litchfield, things have a tendency to get a little... tense. In real life, however, there seems to be a significant lack of tension among the ladies who play our favorite inmates. If you're looking for proof, we've got a ton of it.

1. Twin souls

In a recent interview with The New York Times, Uzo Aduba revealed that she and Taylor Schilling often go to SoulCycle together. Doesn't the idea of Piper and Crazy Eyes pedaling up a storm in tandem fill you with glee?

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2. Status clarification


Confirmation that Poussey and Taystee are BFFs for real is giving us life.

3. Bow down


The best kind of friends are the ones who treat each other like royalty.

4. Unwavering support


Let it be known that we would also like to be in Danielle Brooks' top five.

5. Unstoppable


And we don't ever want you to stop.

6. You know you love me


Piper and Alex have a complicated love. No such complications for Laura Prepon and Taylor Schilling.

7. They'll always have Paris


You guys, they went sightseeing together. How freaking cute is that?

8. Love lift them up where they belong


You know what's gorgeous? When it's clear how much friends love each other.

9. Support network


The thrill we get out of knowing the ladies support one another's non-OITNB endeavors will never wane. It warms our hearts every time.

10. Girls' night out


But something tells us they also have girls' nights in.

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11. Puckered up


It's so hard for us that we aren't a part of this.

12. Sisterhood


Where do we sign up to get in on this?

13. Many happy returns


It's also probably our favorite pic of the birthday bash.

14. Insta-glam


True friendship is when you post a photo to your Instagram that doesn't have you in it and includes a caption as supportive as this one.

15. Matriarchal vibes


When there is a mother-daughter bond between costars, we have all the feelings.

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16. Let's hear it for the boy


Cast mate love is clearly not restricted to the girls. We heart it all.

17. Mad love


It's pretty clear the answer is no.

18. Explosive devices


They're just dynamite, and we can't contain our desperation to be a part of it.