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3 Gossip topics Naya Rivera’s tell-all could reveal

Lea Michele had better look out… and she’s not the only one!

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Naya Rivera has sold her tell-all book, Sorry, Not Sorry, to a publisher, meaning all of her “juicy” stories are about to become public.

“Can’t wait until next spring! So many juicy stories about my life. Glee, guys, growing up & much more. #sorrynotsorry,” the actress tweeted along with a screen grab of the book deal news.

And Rivera probably has plenty to tell. From her move from struggling waitress to super-famous Glee actress, to feuds with a number of big names, to her rather volatile dating life, we’re sure Rivera’s book will definitely not come up short on “juicy” stories. Here are some of the hot topics that Rivera could choose to discuss.

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1. Lea Michele

Rumors have long swirled around a reported feud between Rivera and fellow Glee alum Lea Michele. Allegedly, it all started when Rivera complained to producers about having to wait for Michele, who disappeared from set. Later reports said that wasn’t the case and that the fight was the result of Rivera’s “erratic” behavior. Either way, hopefully Rivera uses her book to tell her side of the story.

2. Life before Glee

We already know from her tweet that Rivera plans to tell all about “growing up,” but did you know that includes working as a waitress at Hooters before she landed her role on Glee? We want to know everything about that.

3. Big Sean

No tell-all of Rivera’s would be complete without spilling all the details about Big Sean. The two were engaged before abruptly breaking off their relationship in the spring of 2014, with Big Sean calling Rivera “crazy” and Rivera calling him a thief. Then, on the day she and Big Sean were supposed to tie the knot, Rivera had a secret, surprise wedding to Ryan Dorsey. We need an explanation and this book is the best way we can get it.

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Will you read Naya Rivera’s book? What juicy secrets are you hoping she spills? Head down to the comments and share your thoughts.

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