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The Fosters is recasting Jesus, but fans want him killed off

The Fosters is gearing up for a recast, and fans are not happy about it.

Jesus lives, but he is about to look a whole lot different on The Fosters. Rumors have been running rampant since Season 2 ended with a supposed deadly car crash (everyone survived) that Jesus would be killed off. Adding fuel to the rumor mill was actor Jake T. Austin’s official announcement that he was leaving The Fosters.

However, last night’s Season 3 premiere revealed Jesus was alive and well at boarding school on a wrestling scholarship. The reveal was done without showing Jesus because it turns out the role is going to be recast. Good news? The fans aren’t so sure.

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Since the beginning, Jesus has been played for comedic relief. Austin’s talents lie in comedy, so the choice to make him the goofy younger brother made sense in terms of playing to his strengths. As a result, Jesus often felt like he was on his own show and completely separate from the primary cast.

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Jesus was still part of the Foster family, though, and a recast is not sitting well with most fans. While some are upset over Austin’s departure, the general reaction seems to be it would have been better to just kill the character off.

Losing one of the kids would have been a major blow to the show emotionally and taken up the bulk of Season 3’s storytelling attention. This somber version of The Fosters would not have been as much fun to watch, but fans would rather have seen Jesus die than sporting a new face, at least according to Twitter.

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Check out the tweets from fans and then let us know what you think of The Fosters’ decision? Do you think killing Jesus off would have been preferable to a recast, or are you excited to see who the show finds to fill Austin’s shoes?

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