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Clint Eastwood’s Caitlyn Jenner ‘joke’ was completely unnecessary

Clint Eastwood must have left his empty chair at home that night, so he needed to find something else to confuse people.

And he thought it would be a good idea to take a dig at Caitlyn Jenner for some unknown and inappropriate reason.

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During the filming of Spike TV’s Guy’s Choice Awards on Sunday, the Oscar winner made an off-color joke while introducing Dwayne Johnson. He was apparently comparing Johnson to other athletes who have turned into actors, saying, “Jim Brown and Caitlyn somebody….” Johnson, also known as The Rock, is currently starring in the summer blockbuster movie San Andreas.

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Spike TV’s vice president of communications, David Schwarz, confirmed to USA Today that the network will be removing the remarks from the show, which will be broadcast on June 18.

Eastwood is no stranger to conflict. In April, he was continuing to deny that he’d threatened to kill Michael Moore. Additionally, the response to Caitlyn Jenner’s reveal in Vanity Fair has, more the most part, been positive. There had been a few times we wished celebrities would have thought about their words before they said, tweeted or posted them. But we are glad Spike TV is deciding to take the high road and not air such low-brow “comedy.”

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