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Jon Stewart’s reaction to his own Daily Show tribute is the best (VIDEO)

The number of days is growing ever smaller.

Yes, I am talking about the day when Jon Stewart will no longer be sitting at the anchor desk of the Daily Show. We must try not to cry… too hard.

It goes without saying that Stewart will be truly and immensely missed. And in true Daily Show fashion, the homage to Stewart was exactly what we expected: every reason we love Jon Stewart wrapped up into one three-minute video.

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The tribute is brought to us by John Hodgman. Stewart says he thought Hodgman was living on Mars. Hodgman says he was, but he had to come back just for this, and he left his Martian family to deliver this tribute.

It will make you cry — from laughter, then from sadness.

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The absolute best part about the video is the genuine, red-faced laughter Stewart doesn’t even try to contain.

We are losing so many of the TV comedy greats. Letterman has signed off and went out with an epic bang of final episodes. Will Trevor Stewart be able to fill Jon Stewart’s big, hilarious, sound-effect-making shoes? We shall have to wait and see.

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