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PETA is not happy with Farrah Abraham after she posted this picture (PHOTO)

Farrah Abraham’s vacation romp caught the eye of PETA, and they’re not taking it lion down.

The Teen Mom OG star posted a pic of herself holding a lion cub while on vacation in Mexico with a jokey blurb about it being her personal protection.

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When PETA saw the pic, the org took the opportunity to point out that the cub is a mere baby being exploited for tourism and compared it to Farrah’s own daughter.

“PETA is certain that Farrah, like any mother, would be horrified to learn that lion cubs used for photo ops are torn away from their mothers shortly after birth so that they can be passed from one stranger to another — and that when they grow too big to be used as props, these animals are often abandoned at appalling roadside zoos, slaughtered for meat, or used as targets in canned hunts,” PETA said in a statement. “We hope that Farrah will stick to animal-free tourism in the future.”

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Some people on Twitter felt the same way.

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Abraham has not yet commented on PETA’s statement.

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