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One of the Sister Wives is rumored to be leaving the house for good

Is Meri ready for a fresh start after her divorce? It is definitely starting to look that way.

Season 6 of TLC’s Sister Wives may be down one wife. Fans were shocked when Meri ended her 25-year marriage to Kody so he could marry his youngest wife, Robyn. The legal union of Kody and Robyn was seen as a necessity so Kody could adopt her three children from her previous marriage. It was expected that Meri would remain Kody’s wife in spirit, but she may have other plans.

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TLC has yet to confirm whether or not Meri will still be a part of the Brown household throughout Season 6. Her social media accounts are painting the picture of a woman ready to move on to a new chapter in her life. While Kody tweeted he wished for another 25 years with Meri on their anniversary, Meri remained mum. Is this all a clever marketing ploy to drum up interest in Season 6 or is Meri on her way out? If Meri does leave, it could shake up the dynamic of the show for the better.

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As the first wife, Meri always had a certain amount of seniority in the house and her exit could create a power vacuum among the remaining wives. If Meri is busy working toward a brighter future, the Brown household will be left without its matriarchal leader. Not only does this free up more screen time for Kody’s other wives, including his youngest and only legal wife, Robyn, it also creates a crack in the family’s dynamic. If one wife has the guts to leave Kody, could the others follow her out the door?

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If Meri does exit the series, expect the drama of Sister Wives to be off the charts. Even though she has only one child, an adult daughter, the entire balance will shift. Which wife will reign supreme?

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