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The Fosters Season 3: 7 Spoilers for the premiere

The Fosters premiere is just three days away. Get ready for Season 3 with these juicy spoilers.

The Fosters Season 3 premieres Monday, June 8 at 8/7c on ABC Family with an episode appropriately titled “Wreckage.” Set to pick up three weeks after the devastating crash involving Ana, Mariana and Jesus, the premiere will have lots of questions to answer, the most obvious being who died in the crash. While there has been no firm confirmation that Jesus (Jake T. Austin) was the victim, we do know he is no longer with the show, so things are definitely not looking up for Jesus fans. On the bright side, the time jump is a way to keep all of the other stories moving, and there are more than a few relationship changes, romances and fresh starts awaiting the Foster clan.

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Let’s dive in and check out seven spoilers for the premiere and beyond.

1. Jude wants to keep his relationship with Connor a secret
Jonner fans who were looking forward to seeing Jude and Connor’s budding relationship moving blissfully forward in Season 3 are not going to get their wish. While Jude and Connor are still very much an item, in the sneak-peek clip above, Jude tells Connor he wants to keep their relationship private at school. After the young couple faced down Connor’s dad, it seemed they had overcome their biggest obstacle. Now it is looking like Jude’s fears could be the next hurdle the boys have to face. Do you think Connor will be able to convince Jude to take their relationship public?

2. Brandon is off to Idyllwild

Brandon and Callie

Image: ABC Family

Brandon will be off to Idyllwild in the premiere, but it looks like he will be commuting back and forth to the camp. This is a definite upside for Callie and Brandon fans because it means the duo will still be able to interact. Brandon’s stint at music camp will also bring with it at least two new musically inclined characters, and both of them are set to give Brandon some serious competition. One character named Kat (Katherine McNamara) is a piano prodigy who could be Brandon’s latest love interest.

3. Stef is obsessed with finding the driver of the car
It looks like the fatal crash was a hit-and-run, since spoilers indicate Stef will spend a good portion of the premiere trying to track down the driver. This definitely adds more evidence to the Jesus is dead pile. Making matters even worse, in the sneak-peek clip featuring Lena and Stef, Lena is worried about Brandon driving to Idyllwild, and Stef insists they can’t live in fear. Things are not looking good for Jesus, but doesn’t the family seem to be moving on rather quickly if he died?

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4. Callie meets her new love interest

The Fosters Callie and AJ

Image: ABC Family

Callie meets a runaway named AJ at the drop-in shelter and the two make a connection. It is definitely not love at first sight, but AJ is set to play a big role in Season 3. He might even being moving into the Foster home. Complicating matters further, AJ’s brother Ty will be introduced later in the season when he comes looking for his little brother.

5. There’s trouble ahead for Stef and Lena

Lena and Monte’s kiss was not likely to be a onetime thing. In the premiere, Lena will focus on putting the kiss behind her, but in the weeks ahead things become complicated as Stef tries to set Monte up with one of her friends. Things are going to get so complicated Lena will ask her father for advice when he comes to town in the second episode of the season, “Father’s Day.”

6. Jude is staying in contact with his birth father

Connor and Jude

Image: ABC Family

After Donald gave up custody of Jude so the Fosters could legally adopt him, it seemed unlikely we would be seeing Jude’s bio father again. However, Jude clearly wants to stay in contact with his father since he will be inviting his dad over for Father’s Day lunch. Curiously, Jude doesn’t tell Callie his plans.

In other father news, Callie will be spending Father’s Day with her own bio dad, Robert. At the lunch, Robert will reveal some shocking news. That news had better not involve him moving away because I thoroughly enjoy seeing Kerr Smith’s face on my TV screen.

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7. Mariana and Jesus’ first cousin will be introduced

The Fosters Mariana

Image: ABC Family

Mariana is alive and well in the promo for Season 3, but there has been no word on what she will be doing this year. Could this be because she’s still mourning the loss of Jesus? The only piece of the puzzle that we have so far is the promise of meeting Mariana and Jesus’ first cousin Adriana (Yvette Monreal). Whether Mariana lost her brother or bio mom, it looks she will be making an effort to stay in touch with her extended biological family as she tries to work through her loss.

Are you ready for Monday, Fosters’ fans?

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