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Sheryl Underwood makes incredibly powerful point about Josh Duggar scandal

Sheryl Underwood made a heartbreaking confession on The Talk on Thursday, but her comments also make an incredibly powerful point about what was wrong with Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s interview on The Kelly File.

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After watching Josh Duggar’s sisters Jessa and Jill admit they were two of the victims that he molested years ago, Underwood was brought to tears. This is when she revealed her own experience with molestation as a little girl.

“I’m probably the only person at this table that went through that,” she began. “I went through that [at] 3, 4, 5 years old — you know something is wrong.”

She continued, “And if nobody listens to you and nobody is going to stop it … whether I’m asleep or not — I didn’t sleep. I learned how to stay up as long as I could. I may sleep at school because nobody is going to protect me, so I have to protect myself.”

Underwood then pointed out that the Duggar interview helped educate the world on the dangers that occur when the proper measures are not taken to deal with the abuse and help the victims.

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“Aisha, you said that it didn’t help [the Duggars] to do this interview,” she said. “What it really did was it helped us, the world, to see what happens to people when they’re in some type of family structure when the people you’re supposed to trust to protect you seem to be your co-conspirator in your violation, [who] seem to rationalize sexual assault and molestation.”

Michelle and Jim Bob have been heavily criticized for the comments they made during their interview with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, where their focus appeared to be on forgiving Josh, instead of helping his victims.

“These parents are wrong. There’s no way you can say this as parents,” Underwood said. “Families gotta protect families, and don’t rationalize violation.”

For more, watch the emotional video below.

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