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Is X-Files ‘Home’ sequel capable of shocking viewers after all these years?

Episode 2 of The X-Files revival is titled “Home Again” — you know what that means, Mulder and Scully fans, the most iconic episode of them all is about to get a 21st century makeover.

“Home” is a legendary episode among The X-Files fans. The Season 4 episode was the first to run with a parental advisory warning, and it was the only episode in the show’s history that was banned from rebroadcast from Fox. The twisted tale of incest, murder and a limbless mother under a bed was too much for viewers in 1996, but how would today’s audience handle a sequel to the horror?

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TVLine reports exclusively that the second episode of The X-Files revival is titled “Home Again” and it is written by Glen Morgan, who along with James Wong, is responsible for giving a generation nightmares with the original episode. While The X-Files revival remains shrouded in secrecy, this small piece of news was leaked along with the title and episode number: The episode’s central monster is a freakishly strong “thought” come to life known as “The Band-Aid Nose Man.” Could he be one of the Peacock family’s sons? The clan was known for being strong and incredibly violent.

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While the content of “Home” was and still is shocking, the TV landscape is full of gruesome imagery and content today. It is hard to imagine The X-Files topping the sheer creep factor of “Home,” but it is going to be fun to see it try. Given how jaded audiences are when it comes to violence on TV, “Home Again” will likely not cause much of a stir, but for die-hard X-Files fans, this trip down nightmarish memory lane will be a can’t-miss outing. Bonus nostalgia points for Fox setting the episode’s air date nearly 20 years to the day after “Home” premiered.

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There is plenty of time to revisit the Peacock family in “Home” before Mulder and Scully tackle whatever awaits them in “Home Again.” The episode (the second of the season, just like its predecessor) is scheduled to air on Jan. 25, 2016, on Fox.

Do you remember the first time you watched “Home” and did you ever imagine you might see the Peacock family again?

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