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Kim Zolciak’s recent Instagram gets an unexpected response (PHOTO)

Kim Zolciak is no stranger to a flood of comments on every photo she posts to her Instagram.

And, unfortunately, a lot of the time there are more negatives than positives. Everything from picking apart her outfits, hairstyle and makeup to accusations of Photoshop and plastic surgery.

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Well, one of her latest posts is just the opposite. In her Thursday throwback photo, she posted a snap of herself on her 25th birthday with the caption, “Baha just found this pic of me on my 25th birthday!!! Man I thought I was really something #ALittleTooMuchSun.”

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While Zolciak might be poking fun at her younger self, her fans are totally loving her, then and now! The comments have almost all been positive. Telling the former Real Housewives star that she looks great. Some even go so far to say that they think she looks better now! One commenter says, “You are aging in reverse!”

Where usually we would see a wave of negative comments, we can only find positivity. While her looks are sometimes extreme and seemingly ever-changing, that doesn’t mean comments have to always been to mean. We need to learn to be critical without being hateful, something Snoop Dogg could really stand to learn, too. But what a nice change to see people being supportive and pleasant about one of the mom of six’s pics.

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