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Ellie Goulding called out by blogger for being a ‘lazy feminist’

Can we stop with the “real women” nonsense now, please?

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That’s what one Irish fashion blogger wants to know, and she’s willing to call people out on their continued use of the phrase.

When Ellie Goulding tweeted about her new makeup line with MAC saying it was for “real women,” blogger Leanne Woodfull let her have it with a series of tweets calling the singer a “lazy feminist.” Ellie’s tweets have since been deleted, but other Twitter users preserved them in screenshots.

“Also think using the term ‘real women’ is backwards,” Leanne wrote. “Makeup usage/taste doesn’t dictate your femininity/worth as a woman.”

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Ellie tweeted back, saying she agreed, but Leanne continued to call her out, tweeting, “Then please don’t fire ‘real women’ shit at me; it’s pure counter-productive, lazy ‘feminism.'”

Ellie responded one more time, saying, “Lol what a lovely person you are. Naaaaaat. Hugs! X,” before deleting all of her tweets in the conversation.

Even though Ellie backed out of the fight, Leanne continued to tweet about it.

“You can be a ‘real woman’ regardless of your size, shape, how much makeup you wear, what you wear & what gender you were assigned at birth,” she wrote. “Sick of lame attempts at ‘feminism’ from celebs like Meghan Trainor and Ellie tweeting me there. ‘Real women’ is a term that needs to GTFO. Ellie Goulding has since deleted those tweets to me so I guess: ‘Real Women’ 0 — Feminism 1.”

And she has a point. When you think about it, “real women” is a term that just doesn’t make any sense, because if some women are “real,” what are the rest? Pretend women? All humans have a right to wear makeup from Ellie Goulding’s line if that’s what they want to do, regardless of their sex or gender identity.

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Do you agree? Do you think “real women” is a phrase people need to stop using? Or are you wondering what all the fuss is about? Head down to the comments and share your thoughts.

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