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Girl Meets World brings back Eric and Jack bromance — about time!

Their bromance was the stuff of legends, and now, thanks to Girl Meets World, Jack and Eric will ride again.

Girl Meets World loves us, it really loves us. Not only has the show brought Topanga and Cory back into our lives, given us an adult Shawn Hunter to drool over and revealed Eric is a kooky Canadian mayor, now it is giving us perhaps the greatest gift of all: the return of the Eric (Will Friedle) and Jack (Matthew Lawrence) bromance. Yes, that’s right: Jack is back (for one episode at least) and everything is beautiful and nothing hurts.

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Just in case you forgot (how could you forget Lawrence, though?), Jack was Shawn’s older brother, who appeared in Boy Meets World‘s later seasons. Although Jack and Shawn were brothers, it was Jack’s epic friendship with Eric that fans remember so fondly. The wonderfully crazy Eric found his platonic soulmate in the form of the adorable, straitlaced Jack. Will the duo still be best buds after all these years? Eric is still very much Eric, but it will be interesting to see how Jack has changed.

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Jack is slated to pop up in a Season 2 episode of Girl Meets World, and yes, Eric will be there as well. There are no details on what brings Jack to New York City just yet, but from the super-cute pics released by the Disney Channel, it looks like his appearance will coincide with a school dance. Here’s hoping Eric and Jack find time to get involved in some classic shenanigans while the kids are busy getting their awkward middle school dance on.


Image: Disney Channel

Lawrence is the latest in a long line of Boy Meets World actors who have reprised their roles for Girl Meets World. In addition to Cory, Topanga, Shawn and Eric, the series has also welcomed back classic characters like Cory and Eric’s parents, Mr. Feeny, Minkus and Harvey. Even more familiar faces are set to show up before Season 2 comes to a close, including Trina McGee-Davis as Angela, Blake Clark as Shawn’s deceased father, Chet, and Anthony Tyler Quinn as the mysteriously disappearing Mr. Turner.

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Are you excited to see Eric and Jack’s reunion? Do you think their bromance will be as amazing as it used to be?

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