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The Duggars reportedly got one huge fact wrong about the molestation case

During their Fox News segment on Wednesday night, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar tried to paint their family as the victims in light of the molestation scandal surrounding their son, Josh.

The Duggar parents claimed that the Springdale, Arkansas, police chief was trying to fuel his own agenda by releasing “sealed” information about the molestation case.

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“It’s been an unprecedented attack on our family,” Jim Bob said during the Fox News interview, “and this information was released illegally.

“I wonder why the press isn’t going after the system for releasing juvenile records?” Jim Bob continued.

Well, we’ve got the answer for him: The case was never sealed. And releasing the information wasn’t illegal, according to Springdale attorney Ernest Cate.

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Cate, who spoke with TMZ, explained the reason the case wasn’t sealed was because the charges weren’t reported until four years after the crimes had reportedly taken place, when Josh was 18 and a legal adult. Because he was an adult at the time, there was no legal basis to seal the information.

Cate said the information was requested from a media outlet — he doesn’t name which one — and he was required to release it under the Freedom of Information Act. It is important to note that the names of the minor victims involved were redacted.

Cate continued that the idea that the police chief somehow is out to get the Duggars is simply untrue. The city was following the law when they released the file to the media.

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The Duggars have yet to comment on this new information.

Check out the video clip from their interview with Fox News below.

Do you think there’s any possibility the Duggars can recover their public image, especially given this new information?

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