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All My Children star kicked off a plane for being a safety risk

All My Children star Jennifer Bassey, 72, was considered a safety risk and chucked off a plane. Now that’s a story that you don’t read every day.

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The details are actually laughable, because we cannot believe why Delta Air Lines threw Bassey off the plane. According to TMZ, this is what happened: The actress revealed to the site that when she got on board her flight from New York City to Indiana, she used the restroom, and when she was finished there was an air hostess waiting for her.

“Aren’t you going to flush?” the flight attendant loudly asked Bassey, and she then berated her about washing her hands — how she knew that Bassey had not washed her hands is interesting.

Bassey revealed that she had her own hand sanitizer she intended to use. After the unpleasant encounter, the female flight attendant followed the Illicit Dreams star back to her seat and apparently “hovered” there because her laptop was open.

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It was then that Bassey’s hand reportedly bumped the flight attendant, who was quick to respond by saying, “Don’t touch me, don’t you ever touch me.” So, Bassey told her right were to shove it as she mouthed, “Go f*** yourself.”

This caused all the flight attendants to quickly “huddle,” and then the plane was turned back to the gate where two police offers removed Bassey. However, she was not arrested for the incident because the cops revealed to TMZ that although they had been called for an assault, they found absolutely no sign that Bassey had assaulted anyone.

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So, what does Delta Air Lines plan to do about the incident? Apparently, they are looking into it. But Bassey wants revenge and hopes the flight attendant gets fired.

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