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Defending Rob Kardashian: Shouldn’t everyone just leave him alone?

Unlike the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, Rob Kardashian has made it his mission to stay out of the public eye. In fact, it seems as though he goes to extreme lengths not to be seen.

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He is no longer a part of his family’s reality TV shows and for the most part he has removed himself from social media — he definitely will not be releasing a selfie book like his sister, Kim, anytime soon — and that is why the new photos that have emerged of him are just so wrong.

In recent months there has been much speculation about the youngest Kardashian, and he has been plagued with rumors of depression and weight gain, so it’s no wonder that he wants to avoid the limelight. Rob is clearly insecure, and these paparazzi photos only make it worse. Seriously, our hearts are breaking that photos have been taken of Rob when he is sad and struggling.

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The media needs some integrity. Everyone should not be fair game, and no one should be looking at these photos of Rob, because his privacy has clearly been violated.

However, these pictures do prove something: Rob is not in rehab like an earlier claim stated. Gossip Extra previously reported that Kardashian checked into a Palm Beach County “drug and booze” rehab center and would be there for a 60-day inpatient program.

Whatever you’re doing, Rob, we’re thinking of you. And we think it’s about time that the paparazzi respected your wishes and left you alone.

Tell us if you agree with us or not in the comments below.

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