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Amber Portwood reveals which Teen Mom stars will be in her wedding (VIDEO)

Very little is known about Amber Portwood’s upcoming wedding, but she has revealed one very important detail: Which of her Teen Mom costars will join her on her special day.

The reality television star said she and Matt Baier are just enjoying their engagement right now, but when pressed for details about who would play what roles in their nuptials, she had some ready answers.

“I know for sure my cousin Krystal would be the maid of honor at the wedding,” the bride-to-be told MTV News. “She’s the closest person to me. She’s like my best friend.”

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She also spilled that she’d love for all the other Teen Moms — “my girls” she called them — to be a part of it since they have been such a huge part of her life for so long.

See what else she has to say about her wedding plans in this mini clip.

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Portwood already revealed who her flower girl would be — not that she had a choice in the matter because it sounds like it was a demand and not a request!

“She’s very excited and always asks when were going to get married because she wants to be the flower girl,” Amber tweeted. “lol..adorable.”

As far as any other details, like venue, the dress or even the date or if we will get to see the celebration on Teem Mom OG, Portwood has remained mum so far.

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