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7 Facts about Kim Richards’ past that will shock you

When it comes to Kim Richards’ past, two things typically come to mind: her child acting career, and, sadly, her alcoholism. But there’s a lot more to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star’s past life than her screen career and issues with drinking. Here are seven things about Kim Richards’ past that will shock you.

Her fiancé was murdered

In 1991, Richards was engaged to commodities salesman John Collett. Collett developed a serious crush on the beautiful actress after seeing her in Escape to Witch Mountain. The pair hit it off as soon as they met, and, according to many, were blissfully happy with each other. But in October of that year, Collett was gunned down outside a San Fernando deli by a hit man due to what many believe was a business deal gone wrong. Richards was the one who had to identify the body. Collett’s mother told People, “It just tore her apart emotionally and she was not in good shape for a long time. She really loved John. They were a good match.”

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One of her children was placed on psychiatric hold

Richards has four children with her two exes Monty Brinson and Gregg Davis: Kimberly, 21; Chad, 22; Whitney, 24; and Brooke, 29. In March of this year, one of her kids was admitted to a psychiatric facility. The child, who has remained unidentified, reportedly suffered from depression for a very long time. A source told Radar Online that the situation, unsurprisingly, was “very, very hard on Kim.”

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Her ex-boyfriend has a shady past

Remember when Richards was dating Ken Blumenfeld? (That guy was the worst!) Everyone was wary of Blumenfeld — especially her sister Kyle — and it turns out for good reason: Blumenfeld was arrested for a DUI in 2009. Not exactly someone Kim ought to be hanging around with.

Her dog has a shady past

Any fan of RHOBH knows how much Richards adores her pit bull, Kingsley. Kingsley, however, proves to be more bite than bark. Four people have now accused Kingsley of biting them, including Kim’s sister, Kyle, who claims the dog bit her daughter, Alexia; Kingsley’s trainer, David Utter; Kim’s 80-year-old friend Kay Rozario; and a woman named Kelly Crossley, who is suing Kim for unspecified damages.

She was forced to marry someone rich

According to the 2006 book House of Hilton, Kim Richards’ mother pressured her three daughters — Kim, Kyle, and Kathy Hilton — to marry rich men. In fact, supposedly when Kim’s ex, Monty Brinson, proposed, Kim gave him back the ring because she wanted a bigger one.

She was forced to work from a very early age

We all know that Kim was a child actress, but apparently, her very first TV appearance was when she was only a few months old. Kim’s mother had her crawling around on the floor for a rug commercial, and from then on, Kim’s supposed “stage mom” constantly pressured her to take up acting jobs.

She cheated on her husband

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Recently, Kim has been caring for her ex-husband Monty Brinson, who’s been diagnosed with cancer, but when they were married, she allegedly cheated on him. Brinson claims, “Kim would say she had to go babysit [her nieces] Paris and Nicky and, really, she was being fixed up with John, and I found out about it. She was being influenced to do it. She was being pressured because of the billions of Davis dollars.” Kim actually wound up marrying the brother of the man she was being fixed up with — Gregg Davis — and Brinson thinks that it was her mother’s doing. He said, “[Kim’s mother] was looking for the best for her daughter and those guys [the Davis family] had mega-money.”

Yikes. Poor Kim. Doesn’t sound like she had the easiest, or most normal, upbringing. On the one hand, it helps explain some of her recent behavior and issues. But on the other, it just is really incredibly sad.

Are you surprised to hear this?

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