Jessa Duggar was a victim, but she's speaking out in defense of Josh

Jun 3, 2015 at 10:10 p.m. ET
Image: Jessa Seewald / Instagram

Finally, we're hearing from one of Josh Duggar's victims.

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But she's not saying what you'd expect.

The 27-year-old oldest son of the Duggar family has been embroiled in a scandal since mid-May, when a police report was published by In Touch Weekly naming him in a sexual abuse case that took place from 2002 to 2003. The report stated that Josh had molested a number of underage girls, including some of his sisters.

Now, his sisters are speaking publicly about the case for the first time. Twenty-two-year-old Jessa Duggar, now married and pregnant, will appear on The Kelly File, where her parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, are currently being interviewed by Fox News' Megyn Kelly, the network has revealed. But ahead of Jessa's appearance, Us Weekly was able to obtain some of the interview, in which Jessa calls her brother's actions "very bad," but ultimately defends him.

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"I do want to speak up in his defense against people who are calling him a child molester or a pedophile or a rapist, some people are saying," Jessa said. "I'm like, 'That is so overboard and a lie really. I mean, people get mad at me for saying that, but I can say this because I was one of the victims."

On Twitter, fans' reactions were swift, calling Jessa — and the rest of her family — "brainwashed."


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The first part of Megyn Kelly's interview with the Duggar family — their first appearance since the scandal broke — is airing now on Fox News.

UPDATE, June 5:

Jessa is not the only sibling speaking out about the case. Jill has also opened up about what happened to her all those years ago.

Speaking during a preview of her interview with The Kelly File's Megyn Kelly, according to Us Weekly, an emotional Jill can be heard saying, "Some people, I've heard them say, you know, 'You're hypocrites.' Well, if you go back and look at everything people have seen in our lives… we've never claimed to be a perfect family.

"My parents have always actually stated… we are not a perfect family. We are just a family," she adds.

In another clip, Jessa and Jill reveal that they made the decision to speak out about what happened to ensure that people know the "truth."

"As victims we have to come out and speak. This is something we chose," Jill says during the interview. "Nobody asked us to do this. Jessa and I were talking and we're like, 'Oh my goodness! Most of the stuff out there is lies — it's not truth.' So for truth's sake, we want to come out and set the record straight."

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