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Iggy Azalea causes major Pride protest in Pittsburgh

Iggy Azalea’s planned appearance at a Pittsburgh Pride event is ruffling some feathers, and it’s a lesson on how you can never get rid of anything you put on the internet.

Several LGBT groups have dropped out of the event in protest of the newly engaged star’s planned performance because of her history of homophobic and racist tweets.

“Our board voted last week to not march in the Pittsburgh Pride parade, due to the insensitive choice of Iggy Azalea as headliner,” Vanessa Davis, who heads the Pittsburgh chapter of the youth advocacy group Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network, told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

“A Pride that highlights Iggy isn’t going to be talking about police enforcement against black trans women,” activist Joy KMT added.

Shadyside’s First United Methodist Church, a Unitarian young-adult group and Judah Fellowship Church have also bowed out in protest.

“We’ll be back in future years,” said First United member Jeffrey Miller. “But this year, we couldn’t think of a way to attend while separating ourselves from the issues involved.”

A few people on Twitter weren’t exactly psyched to hear the news that Azalea, who just canceled her world tour, would be performing, either.

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Azalea’s offending tweets have since been deleted, and most were from before she rose to fame with her hit single “Fancy,” but nothing is ever truly deleted on the internet. The Tumblr PiggyAzalea collected many of the worst offenders, including slurs against lesbians, Mexicans, Asians and black people, plus a video of the rapper calling herself a “slave master” and a freestyle in which she refers to herself as an “Indian chief.”

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