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Dance Moms‘ Abby Lee Miller’s recent weight loss has angered many fans

Dance Moms‘ Abby Lee Miller has lost a lot of weight, and after finding out how she shed the pounds, there’s been a lot of criticism for the dance teacher.

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Miller has dropped from a size 24 to a size 16, and reportedly did it without a doing a fad diet or going under the knife. Speaking during an interview with People magazine, she addressed the claims that she had a lap-band procedure, saying, “That would have been easy.”

However, even though Miller never planned on losing weight — her weight loss was actually the result of grief, heat and a mix-up with prescription medication for the onset of diabetes — the way it happened was very unhealthy. Speaking of the series of unpleasant events that took place, she explained that her weight loss first began when her mom was battling cancer in February last year, and she did not eat.

“When you’re in and out of the hospital, that hospital food just makes you sick,” Miller said. “I think it was a little bit mental with me.”

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Then the extreme heat in her Los Angeles studio suppressed her appetite.

“It was hot as hell, so nobody was eating a lot,” she explained.

And lastly, when she was in Australia last summer filming a special for her reality TV show, she ran out of medication.

“I had to get a prescription refilled — lo and behold, there’s something different about that prescription in Australia,” she told the mag. “I would take this medicine and within an hour, I was vomiting like I was in fourth grade and had the flu or like I had food poisoning. It was awful. After I would throw up, I couldn’t even look at food for the rest of the day.”

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Fans are not impressed with Miller’s comments on her weight loss. Even though it was not intentional, some feel that by reporting the story about the unhealthy ways that she lost weight is irresponsible.

“So she lost the weight by starving herself and puking? And she is in charge of young dancers?!” one comment on People‘s story reads.

Others are convinced that Miller is telling tales about the way that she lost her weight.

“And if you believe that, I have a lovely piece of oceanfront property in Arizona that I’d love to sell you for a steal!” one commenter wrote.

There are also critics that have blasted Miller for saying that surgery is “easy.”

“Just as an FYI…weight loss surgery isn’t ‘easy’ It’s a tool that can be used to become healthy. Having had RNY trust me it wasn’t an easy road,” one person wrote.

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Another shared similar sentiments, writing, “I am so sick of ignorant idiots saying that weight loss surgery is ‘the easy way out.’ It’s not easy, it’s just a tool to help, not a magic bullet! You can still screw it up and gain weight. Enough already, do some frickin research!”

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