New Duggars police report proves Jim Bob and Michelle should be in jail

Jun 3, 2015 at 12:42 p.m. ET
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Explosive new details in the Josh Duggar molestation scandal have been released, and they show the eldest son is not the only person in the family who has committed a crime.

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Chilling new facts have been uncovered in documents obtained by In Touch Weekly, including the fact that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar waited 16 months to tell anyone about Josh's sick activities, despite the fact that the then-15-year-old's twisted behavior was escalating — and during that time, the parents did not seek professional counseling for Josh or his victims, their own daughters.

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The report states that starting at the age of 14, Josh began sneaking into his sisters' common bedroom to touch them "on the breasts and vaginal areas while they were sleeping" — and victimized a 5-year-old, who he molested while reading her a story.

In addition, the report states that "one night as a female friend of the family's was sleeping over, he had gone to the couch where she was sleeping and fondled her breasts as she slept."

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These documents make it clear that Josh told his parents what he had done at least three times before they told anyone what was happening, and even then it was neither in an official capacity nor seeking any licensed therapy for him or his victims.

Rather, they first approached their church leaders, sent Josh off for a summer to work for a friend's construction business, then later approached a family friend in law enforcement who did not report the abuse and was himself later convicted on child pornography charges.

As for Josh's victims, a friend told OK! Magazine that Jim Bob and Michelle told the girls "it was their Christian duty to forgive Josh, and if they didn't, God would be angry with them."

Jim Bob and Michelle actively participated in a cover-up of their son's crimes, which did not come to light until producers for The Oprah Winfrey Show were tipped off and called the Department of Human Services — and that cover-up should have netted them some serious jail time.

Legal experts told In Touch Weekly that according to Arkansas Code 5-27-221, the parents could have been prosecuted for Permitting Abuse of a Minor because they did not report their son's crimes, and if convicted, they would have faced six years in prison. However, by the time the police were notified, the statute of limitations on all crimes surrounding the case had already run out.

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Sounds like the only people involved in this case who didn't totally luck out are Josh's victims. However, two of his sisters are said to finally be feeling "vindicated" that their brother's dirty little secret has come to light.

"They have been carrying what happened to them inside for so long, smiling and pretending nothing was wrong," a Duggar family friend told OK! Magazine. "They felt abandoned and betrayed, and they'll probably never forgive Josh or their parents."

"For years they had to pretend their family was perfect, and it was unbearable," the insider said. "With the release of the police report, they feel vindicated."

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