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Pretty Little Liars theory: We will never see Big A’s face

In true Pretty Little Liars form, the Season 6 premiere and the start of the #SummerofAnswers Round 2 just gave us more questions.

And amidst all of these questions on questions, one huge one dawned on me: What if we never see Charles’ face and never discover the real identity of Big A?

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Think about it. The show has been running us around in circles for five seasons now. Granted, we’ve loved being pulled in all of those directions, but what if it never ends? What if that is the big crux of the show? There are questions but never answers, leaving us with a series finale that will just keep fans wondering for years to come.

Pretty Little Liars is already the most talked-about show ever. The social media power behind the story is like nothing we’ve ever seen before. If the show ended without ever really giving us a solid person behind the mask, it would only keep the conversations and theories going that much longer. And, while many people would probably hate it, any publicity is good publicity, right?

I’ve been a loyal PLL fan since Season 1, so obviously I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we do, in fact, get the answers we so desperately crave. But I also wouldn’t be surprised at all if the mountains of questions never actually got definitive answers.

At this point in the show, literally anyone could be Big A (especially thanks to the transgender theory.) I’ve heard people suggest Garrett will be brought back from the dead. I’m personally a big proponent of the Hanna (Ashley Benson) theory. But just because Ezra is writing his book doesn’t mean he’s off the hook yet. And let’s not forget Alison (Sasha Pieterse) and her still shady past while she was on the run from Big A. The show loves having everyone as a potential suspect, and they’ve put everyone on that suspect list intentionally over the course of all the seasons, without ever actually removing any names.

Another reason Charles might live in infamy: Actors’ contracts. This was part of the reason why I thought Hanna might actually be the mastermind. Actors have to commit to each season of the show they appear in. If the show doesn’t have an actor as a series regular, they are free to book other jobs. Meaning, the show isn’t going to take the risk of making Charles a character that could potentially book a movie and leave the show in a second. That leaves a really small pool of people who could actually be revealed as Charles. It includes the liars, Ezra, Toby, Caleb and, maybe, Mona.

Of course, it could be that Charles is an unknown, someone we haven’t yet met on the show, but if that’s the case, the show must be keeping this new actor under extreme wraps because no one has reported seeing a new cast member on set. And if new cast members join the show, we usually hear about it ahead of time.

I’ve always been a big believer that Big A is one of the liars just because if the show was brilliant enough to make all of those pieces fit together it would be incredible. But I really am starting to think that maybe Charles will give them certain pieces of the puzzle, like how he’s related to Alison (Pieterse revealed in an interview that Alison doesn’t know anything about the Charles relation) and why he wants to disrupt the liars’ lives so badly, and then he’ll disappear from Rosewood for good.

Do you think we may never see Charles’ true face?

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