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Kim Zolciak defends her looks against ‘ridiculous’ plastic surgery claims

It seems like every photo Kim Zolciak posts turns into a heated debate over beauty standards, Photoshop, plastic surgery, the list could go on.

And several of Zolciak’s latest post aren’t any different.

According to a report released by Radar Online, which states “top doctors” in looking through photos of the former Real Housewives star, she has had a full face-lift.

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She took to Twitter to air her grievances with the report in the form of a response to a Twitter question.

Zolciak has previously copped to having other work done to her body, and in many interviews over the years, she has mentioned she would do just about anything to maintain her looks. She has even admitted that she has been getting Botox since she was 25 years old, for cosmetic and medical reasons, saying it helps her with migraines.

But she flat-out denies her face has ever been under the knife.

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Her looks are strikingly different from photos of her during her Real Housewives years, but she was much younger then, way fewer kids and it is no secret makeup can quite literally change the way one’s face looks. But the bottom line is if she did or did not have work done to her face, she is one hot momma (then and now).

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