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I Am Cait: First look at Jenner’s inspiring new docuseries

What happens when anyone in the Kardashian Klan hits a major milestone in their lives? They air it on television, obviously. That’s exactly what their proud stepparent is doing in the limited series, I Am Cait.

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Caitlyn Jenner has been on one seriously long and winding road to finding and sharing her true self with the world. After decades of living as Bruce Jenner, rumors began swirling that something major was going on in Jenner’s life and that happiness was just out of reach for the Olympic gold medalist. Then an interview with Diane Sawyer sealed the deal and shared Jenner’s truth with the world: She was tired of living as a man and ready to make the changes necessary to reach ultimate happiness.

Earlier this week, we got a first look at Caitlyn Jenner and, surprisingly enough, the somewhat cynical world accepted her with open arms and overwhelming love. Photos shot by Annie Leibovitz capture her as the truly breathtaking woman she is and we couldn’t be more excited for her. Now that the dust has settled from the first look at her Vanity Fair cover story, Jenner will unveil more of her process on a whole new, limited-run series.

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I Am Cait will follow Jenner’s journey into womanhood. In the first look at the series, we watch as Jenner tackles the idea of a beauty regimen… something Bruce never fussed with. And while she’s lived in a home full of gorgeous women for years and watched them get gussied up on a near-daily basis, there’s nothing quite like figuring out how to do all that stuff on your own.

Jenner was smart, though. She nabbed a stylist and makeup artist to come walk her through the process for the first time, and the results are, obviously, flawless. But can she manage on her own? If she gets through applying eyeliner without accidentally stabbing herself, she’s already doing better than most of us in the morning.

Check out the first official sneak peek for the show, where Jenner perfectly explains the added pressures that come with being a woman and talks about being the “new normal.” It’s awesome and gorgeous, and we’re so excited for her that there are tears in our eyes right now. Then don’t forget to tune in for the premiere of I Am Cait on E! on July 26.

Go get ’em, girl.

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