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Chris Harrison teases explosive ‘Brokeback Bachelor’ demise

Let’s just be honest here: The Bachelorette contestants Clint and JJ are total jerks.

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As soon as Clint pulled his “villains gotta vill” line and said the only reason he wants to stay on the show is to hang out with his bromance partner, JJ, just seeing him on the screen made me throw up a little bit in my mouth.

When Clint’s shadiness was revealed to Kaitlyn, she said it perfectly for all the ladies out there: “Clint played me… Clint is one of the biggest douches in Bachelor history. He is going to go down in flames.”

And while host Chris Harrison definitely agrees that the guy needed to get the boot, he still really doesn’t know what to make of the whole Clint and JJ situation.

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You’ll see a lot more [of their relationship],” Harrison promised to TV Guide about next week’s episode. “There’s a massive betrayal [that has to do with] the Clint-JJ relationship, the likes of which I don’t know if we’ve seen in a long time. It’s very explosive and I don’t find Clint as much of the bad guy in the house that JJ seems to be.”

If JJ is worse than Clint, then that’s saying something at this point.

Harrison also addressed the backlash the “Brokeback Bachelor” promo received since, it turns out, Clint and JJ both are not actually gay.

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“First of all, the fact that we would allude to that I’m not sure why that would outrage people. Why is that a bad thing? I think what people are worried about is that it’s sensational and that if the show didn’t live up to the promo then that’s not fair. I get if it wasn’t in line with what we saw, but in my opinion it is. It’s not just a simple bromance. I don’t know what it is, but I don’t think it’s that big of a stretch the way they were talking and acting,” Harrison said.

Kaitlyn, on the other hand, revealed in an interview with People that she could totally relate to Clint and JJ’s bromantic behavior. “You have a lot of downtime [in the house]. You find comfort in one person almost. I did that with [fellow Bachelor contestant] Becca Tilley. We joked about being the first lesbian Bachelorettes!”

Do you think JJ will stab Clint in the back in order to get a rose from Kaitlyn?

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