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Kris Jenner disputes Caitlyn’s version of their breakup

The ink on their divorce papers has long since dried, but Kris Jenner still has some issues with the way things went down in her marriage.

In a newly released excerpt from Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair feature, Kris says she was completely blindsided by her husband’s transition and had no warning he was going to leave her. She was pretty much the last to know, she claims.

“When I met Bruce, he told me that he had done hormones back in the early ’80s,” said Kris. “This was a conversation that took place in the early ’90s. So, what he was telling me happened a decade earlier, and he never really explained it.

Nobody mentioned a gender issue,” she said, denying Caitlyn’s claims that Kris saw her dressed in women’s clothing, but she did concede that “somebody mentioned that at one point in his life he liked to dress up.

“Why would you want to be married and have kids, if this is what you wanted since you were a little boy?” Kris asked. “Why would you not explain this all to me?”

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She also said that she had no warning her marriage was ending until her ex “just decided, ‘I’m done.'”

Caitlyn disputes Kris’ version of their marriage, and says her transition had little to do with their divorce.

“Twenty percent was gender, and 80 percent was the way I was treated,” she said, explaining that Kris became controlling when the Kardashian empire began to take off.

“A lot of times, [Kris] wasn’t very nice,” Caitlyn explained, but did concede that “probably a mistake I made was maybe not having her understand — not the severity of it, but that this is a condition you cannot get away from.”

However, she does say that Kris did see her in women’s clothing several times and asked her to only do it while traveling alone, never in their home.

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So who is telling the truth? Both probably believe their version is the correct one, but the author of the Vanity Fair piece said that despite his close friendship with Caitlyn, he believes Kris.

“Kris was very civil during the interview and she was very open,” Buzz Bissinger said on The Today Show Tuesday. “She says ‘I didn’t know. I had no idea about the extent of his gender issues.’

“And I got to say, I think she’s right,” he said. “Bruce downplayed it, said, ‘It was a phase of my life, it’s over.’ But it wasn’t over.”

It sounds like these two still have a lot of healing to do.

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