Girls' Jemima Kirke admits she tortured herself trying to be thin

Jun 2, 2015 at 3:36 p.m. ET
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Women, in Hollywood especially, face a lot of pressure to fit into a certain mold and possess a particular body shape. But Girls star Jemima Kirke has revealed that she has learned to embrace her body just the way it is.

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"As women, we're taught our whole lives that thin is better, that the less space we take up the better and that being strong is not associated with being feminine," the actress told wellness site Well + Good during an interview that she shared with her Pilates trainer, Cadence Dubus.

"For Cadence, it's 'strong is feminine,' because we need to be strong in our lives and work out for more than just looking good. It's functional, it improves the quality of your life, so that you can pick up your kids and chase after them without getting winded," she explained. "It's about that, not about working out because you ate… f*** whatever it is that you ate!"

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However, there was a time when Kirke had a mindset that many of us women still struggle with today: the constant pressure to look thin.

"I've been in that place where you're torturing yourself at the gym to be thin. I've done that for years," Kirke explained. "I'll tell you now, you're not going to have the body you have in mind by doing that, because it's often something totally unrealistic you saw in a magazine."

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Kirke's body confidence message is inspiring, and it's advice we should all try to take on board. Stop beating yourself up about your imperfections, and start embracing your natural form and alternate ideas of beauty.

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