Miley Cyrus bikini pic falls victim to skinny-shaming (PHOTOS)

Jun 2, 2015 at 1:41 p.m. ET
Image: Judy Eddy/

Miley Cyrus is forever posting pictures on Instagram, and while most of them are usually of her doing some strange pose or showing off her new armpit hair, her recent bikini pictures were by all accounts pretty normal for Miss Cyrus. But that hasn't stopped critics from unleashing a string of negative comments about the pics.

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Cyrus has a very slender frame, and when she posted a pic of herself in a bright pink bikini on Instagram, many people took issue with the fact that she is "so skinny."

"That's how you know rich people aren't happy something is wrong with her," one critic wrote. Another said, "Oh why you look like this? You lose a lot of weight and it is not good...I want that miley plz came back like past." [sic]

But these comments are mild compared to what other critics had in mind. "Anorexia?" one critic asked. Others said, "Mental illnesses is fun for you miley anorexic cyrus," "I can see you ribs bitch," [sic] and "U look like a zombie anorexic bitch."

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Yes, Miley Cyrus is a public figure and if she posts a picture some will argue that she can expect to get harsh criticism and that she's looking for attention. Maybe. But if Cyrus really did have a weight problem, do you think making nasty comments about her size and picking apart her appearance would be doing her any good?

Just as people who are heavier should not be made to feel shame, neither should those who are more petite. Every single person's body is different, and it's time people started showing each other a little compassion and spreading love instead of so much hate.

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Like that old childhood quote that Thumper the rabbit says during the Disney film Bambi, which most critics have probably forgotten, "If you can't say somethin' nice, don't say nothin' at all."