The new attacks on Giuliana Rancic’s looks go way too far (PHOTO)

Giuliana Rancic has beared the brunt of some very unkind words, with people picking apart all aspects of her appearance in her latest Instagram picture.

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Taking to Instagram on Monday, the Fashion Police host shared a picture of herself wearing an orange shorts and jacket combo, and the majority of the comments on the pic have been overwhelmingly negative.

Critics have attacked everything from Rancic’s weight to her new hairstyle — and they did not hold back. Speaking about how she is “too skinny” and that she should “go eat,” critics unleashed a tirade of negativity, which caused fights in the comments section as fans reacted to the hurtful comments by informing people that Rancic is unable to put on weight.

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“Y’all are so mean. Telling a person to go eat doesn’t mean they’ll gain weight. Do your research before saying things like that,” one fan wrote. Another shared similar sentiments, saying, “She’s talked about her weight. She can’t gain weight because of the cancer suppressing medications she’s taking. They made her lose weight. She’s healthy and that’s all that matters!!”

Critics also found error with Rancic’s outfit, telling her that the “dress [is] way too short for you,” “You would have a choice of some really lovely dresses yet you keep dressing like that,” and, “Why do you always dress like a teenager??”

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And if that wasn’t enough, other people commented on her new hairstyle and how they thought her old bob style looked better on her, with comments suggesting that the long hair is making her look “old” and that “extensions are doing you zero favors.”

We get it, everyone has an opinion and you are, of course, entitled to yours. But no one likes to hear negative comments about their appearance, and Rancic has been through a tough time with her health. Surely these negative comments are not helping anyone.


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