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SYTYCD is back with major changes and one near-fatal flaw

So You Think You Can Dance has long been one of our all-time favorite competition shows. However, this season brought some serious changes that we’re just not sure fans have fully grasped.

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There’s a theme to this year’s So You Think You Can Dance and it’s stage. vs. street. From ballroom dancers and ballerinas to twerkers and animators, the premiere episode was a wonderfully schizophrenic mix of all our favorite dancing. But not everyone was on board. The biggest complaints, though, weren’t about the format changes, but about the new judges.

Fan were crushed to learn that the sassy and hilarious Mary Murphy wouldn’t return to SYTYCD this season. Dance fans tried to remain optimistic, though. After all, we still had Nigel Lythgoe. Plus, the lineup was rounded out with two amazingly talented dancers: the throwback favorite Paula Abdul and hip-hop hottie Jason Derulo. What could possibly go wrong?

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No Murphy left everyone salty in the beginning. However, Derulo’s animation and involvement with the performers quickly pulled him into favor with viewers. First, Derulo got up for an impromptu concert and dance with a troupe of child dancers who came to support their dance teacher. Later, he got onstage with another energetic dancer for an “Uptown Funk” line dance. How can you ignore a dude so willing to get onstage and get involved with people who share the same love (dance) as him?

So, what was SYTYCD‘s one major weakness? Paula Abdul. As much as we love that sweet ’90s pop star, no one was feeling her as a Dance judge. Just read some of these comments.

Yikes! We hate to say we agree, but… we do. Abdul stayed just a little too sweet and we just don’t think she added as much personality as she’s capable of. And, seriously, get the woman a thesaurus. There are so many other excellent descriptors for SYTYCD‘s talented dancers. She’s got to stop only calling them “special.” Can Abdul amp up the ‘tude and change So You Think You Can Dance fans’ opinions of her new gig? We’ve got a whole season to watch and find out.

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